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Hairlovie Hair Care Center
The first specialized center in the medical and aesthetic care of high quality hair in the UAE.
Services provided by the center in two different sections: hair clinic, medical treatment and the department of cosmetic care and natural treatments for hair
Diagnosis of scalp and root problems using the latest technology
Hair rejuvenation, restoration and restoration
The use of the latest in the world of medicine and nature in strengthening the roots of hair
The development of the new treatment in the world of hair oils, which is the fingerprint of Herlovi (green therapy) by combining low lasers to treat the fall and stimulate the inactive vesicles with scalp peeling and the use of rare organic oils for the roots and massage of the scalp and neck to stimulate blood circulation, fog and ozone without exposure to hot steam.
The development of the second footprint of the center, which is the technology of heat-cutting hair processor for hair extension and strengthening in accordance with the hormonal changes and lunar months. Dr. Maryam Al Mulla is currently preparing the first study of this theory, which proved successful and will be launched at the end of 2018
At the level of cosmetic services: We provided the medical dyes safe as we provided the finest types of modern dyes with high safety and quality specifications, and developed a formaldehyde-free cleaning treatments and brands authorized by the FDA,
We have designed programs to prolong hair and programs for the treatment of tired, dry and brittle hair and damaged by previous preparations or treatments
Hair loss treatment programs
Weekly, monthly and annual hair care programs
"The center is based on new foundations in the world of hair care to ensure the quality of the center, modern medicine has brought together the latest technology and alternative medicine with all the sciences related to hair and natural therapy with the best and rarer nature, and finally all the world of beauty products, shouts and techniques for hair care and care. Because I believe in mastery, it took me a lot of time and effort to get out of the light and I ask God success to make this center achieve my vision in the quality of services and products provided by "
Dr.Mareem Al Mulla

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